note: no web programmers were used to build this website. 

jennifer pavlick » account manager 

wired » 212.286.4285

wireless » 646.531.4010

current skills » sales maven

new skills » Squarespace impresario

moment of epiphany » "OMG, i can't believe how easy it is to use Squarespace!"

inspiration » thinking about building her own Squarespace site devoted to the benefits of wheatgrass juices.


luan pham » executive director, integrated marketing

current skills » sharp dresser

new skills » Squarespace master

moment of epiphany » "Squarespace is going to change the way we market our brand."

inspiration » people who make things better.

kat jalbert » research manager

current skills » can read 300 wpm

new skills » Squarespace ninja


moment of epiphany » "Squarespace where have you been all my life?"

inspiration » build a Squarespace blog devoted to 1980s disco.


pete hunsinger » president, golf digest

current skills » can crush 300 yard drives on any golf simulator

new skills » Squarespace convert


moment of epiphany » "Golf Digest is like Squarespace, we demystify complex tasks."

inspiration » build a Squarespace site for annual buddies trip.